Manuscripts In Preparation:

  • Bencharit, L.Z., Lee, A., & Tsai, J.L. (In preparation). Ideal Affect Match in Higher Education Facilitates Teaching and Learning Across Cultures.
  • Bencharit, L.Z., Tsai, J.L., Qu, Y., & Ko, M. (In preparation). Ideal affect shapes leadership choice across cultures.
  • Bencharit, L.Z., Carey, R., Fu, A., & Markus, H. (In preparation). There’s no “I” in “Team”: Interdependent Motivation and Consequences for Teamwork Across Cultures.
  • Bencharit, L.Z., Carey, R., Tsai, J.L., & Markus, H. (In preparation). Culture or Class?: Intersecting identities shape health and self construal.

Manuscripts In Press:

  • Bencharit, L.Z., Ho, Y.W., Fung, H., Yeung, D., Stephens, N., Romero, R., & Tsai, J.L. (In Press). Should Job Applicants Be Excited or Calm?: The Role of Culture and Ideal Affect in Employment Settings. Emotion.
  • Tsai, J.L., Blevins, E., Bencharit, L.Z., Chim, L., Holm, B., & Fung, H. (In Press). Judgments of Extraversion Vary By Culture and Ideal Affect. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Manuscripts Under Review:

  • Toro, J.D., Lloyd, T., Buchanan, K.S., Robins, S.J., Bencharit, L.Z., Smiedt, M.G., Reddy., K.S., Goff., P.A. (Under Review). When policing causes crime: The criminogenic effects of police stops on adolescent black and Latino boys.

Book Chapters:

Carey, R., & Bencharit, L.Z. (In Press). Socio-economic Cultures: How Education Shapes Who We Are. Socioeconomic Environment and Human Psychology.

Bencharit, L.Z. & Tsai, J.L (2016). Positive Psychology in Asian Americans. In E. Chang (Ed.), Handbook of Positive Psychology in Racial an Ethnic Minority Groups: Theory, Research, Assessment, and Practice.

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